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 Human settlements: An update

Banker SA Ed 14 - June 2015

Banker SA Ed 14 – July 2015

When it comes to helping with the challenges of human settlements, banks need to explore and discover new market opportunities, including smaller loans, alternative credit histories and ownership structures.


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Banker SA Ed 14 - July 2015

Banker SA Ed 14 – July 2015

Financial inclusion for SMEs

It remains difficult for SMEs to find access to funding. Is there hope of this situation improving or not?

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Tshwane State of the City – Beeld & Hoofstad 15 May 2015

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Islamic banking set to boom

Banker SA, April 2015

Banker SA, April 2015

Islamic banking has seen a phenomenal surge in Africa over the last decade. The continent’s banking-penetration rate is still comparatively low and this bodes well for the Islamic sector.


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Gauteng State of the Province Report – Beeld, February 2015

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City Press

 A direct line to the consumer

Responding to customer feedback via social media platforms is one of the most effective ways of ensuring customer satisfaction in the technology field.
“Customers in the technology sector have discovered social media to be a useful channel to air complaints,” says Toby Shapshak, editor of technology magazine Stuff.
The past five years has seen social media develop from a niche tool for technology geeks to something that can easily be used by everyone. Customers who use social media platforms to air complaints often do so in a knee-jerk fashion, but, according to Shapshak, these complaints can have a seriously negative knock-on effect…

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Where good service is automatic


City Press

The economic slump of 2008 put huge pressure on the vehicle manufacturing industry in South Africa, forcing companies to become more competitive. Companies had to fight harder to maintain their customer base.
It has therefore come as no surprise to those in the industry that the automotive sector has been identified as among the top performers in customer service.

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City Press

Loyalty works both ways

Loyalty cards, special offers and value offerings are all being increasingly used by retailers to lure customers to their businesses.
There are 70 loyalty programmes in South Africa and about 10 million people have loyalty cards that entitle them to a range of “specials” in the form of discount vouchers, cash discounts at the till or bonus points on purchases.
“If used correctly, a loyalty card can be advantageous to both the retailer and the shopper, thus enhancing the shopping experience…




The face of success and of SA’s future


City Press

The skills shortage in South Africa is a reality. Its effects are multifarious and far-reaching, and no sector of the economy is immune from it.

Its resolution is imperative and is dependent on the efforts of all role players in society, especially government and business.
Among the entities that have acknowledged this responsibility is ArcelorMittal SA.

The company recognises the need to develop skills in the steel production industry as vital not only to the sustainability of the company, but to the communities surrounding its operations and to the South African economy.

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City Press

Turbo charge your life

A Master of Business Administration qualification is a differentiator, but the success of students is also due to the fact that they joined MBA programmes as focused, committed and hard-working young people, says Steve Bluen, director of the Wits Business School (WBS).

“People who chose to do an MBA are making a decision to improve themselves, to become better, even the best, at what they do.”

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Arcelor Mittal sees skill development as curcial to business in SA


City Press

Our commitment to the world around us extends beyond the bottom line to include the people we employ and in whom we invest, the communities we support and on whom our business impacts…






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Living Space

The ABC of starting your own business

So you want to be your own boss?

To be your own boss may be the ideal. But whether you dream of getting rid of a boss who makes your job a living hell, opting out of the corporate rat race, buying a well-known franchise, attaining financial independence, or simply making ends meet, know this: starting your own business is bound to be an adventure.

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Down to business


Foschini Club Magazine

Starting a business is the dream of many. In fact, plenty of full-time employees wish, or are planning, to start their own ventures. However, turning a fantasy into a successful enterprise is no easy feat. Soon after starting, many new business owners realise they’re in over their heads and suffer from ‘buyer’s remorse’. There may be countless obstacles to overcome and much knowledge to be gained before you can become your own boss, but it is possible. It all starts with a little careful planning.

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 Personal Finance

Property 101 – Home is where the heart is

Sanlam Reality digital magazine

Sanlam Reality digital magazine



The magic of household insurance

Insurance can seem like a real bugbear. But when things go pear shaped, a good insurer is like a magical helper waving a wand to make everything right again. Just follow these basic principles…


Sanlam Reality Magazine

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uasa persfin

Labour Dynamix

 Young and gunning for success

Upon entering the workplace, many young people are faced with the challenge of being responsible for their own financial affairs, but have little knowledge on where to start. They often make decisions that place their long term financial stability at risk.



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Higher Earning

Don’t be caught off-guard and jeopardise your child’s future. Helen Ueckermann looks at how you can save up for their education.

Few people can afford tertiary studies without a loan, and many have no choice but to start saving even before the birth of their kids to allow for the cost of primary and high school. 

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 The happiness jackpot


Foschini Living Space

Are you satisfied at work? Or are you fed up with your career? Take this quiz to find out. By Helen Ueckermann.

Job fulfilment can mean different things to different people, but if you’re spending 40 to 50 hours a week loathing what you do, it’s time to make a change. No matter whether you’re just starting out in a career or you are counting down the days till retirement, life’s too short to be miserable at work.

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Oorleef die resessie

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Foschini Club Magazine


Don’t stash your cash under the floorboards – that’s what bank accounts are for. Follow our advice to openone that’s right for you.


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Saving grace


Foschini Living Space

You don’t have to be rich to enjoy life. But you do need enough money to support the lifestyle you have cultivated. Although this depends greatly on how much you earn, your ability to control your money is also a major factor.

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Finansieel fiks in ses stappe

Jy gaan jou geldsake vasvat in 2013 – of so het jy jouself op Nuwejaarsdag belowe.
As die naderende einde van die maand jou gespanne maak, is jy waarskynlik een van twee mense: Jy is reeds in ’n geldkrisis of ’n geldramp is net een salaristjek weg.
Wat jy nodig het, is ’n geldplan gebou op die wete dat geld in jou beursie sit soos fiks en gesond word is.

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Paper trail


Foschini Living Space

Making sense out of that pile of paper in the corner of your cupboard is probably not the first thing you want to do when you have some free time on your hands. But if this stack includes very important personal documents, such as your employment contract, marriage certificate, medical aid information and tax returns, get organised and tackle the mounting work head-on…


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10 sake om na te kyk voor jy trou

Verloofdes kan vinnig met mekaar ooreenkom wie die troufoto’s gaan neem en wie met tant Bessie Bitterbek opgeskeep gaan sit by die onthaal.

As dit kom by finansies, is die meeste jong paartjies se monde egter die ene tande, en dit oor ’n onderwerp wat as een van die grootste redes vir die verbrokkeling van huwelike aangevoer word.

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Moenie die geldflaters begaan nie

Om die eerste tree in jou nuwe loopbaan te gee, is moeilik. As jy dan nog in die gesig gestaar word deur die verantwoordelikheid om jou eie geldsake te behartig, voel menige jong beroepspersoon ietwat benoud.

Gebrekkige kennis van geldsake maak dit moeilik om besluite te neem wat toekomstige welvaart verseker.

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Taalgenoot - summer issue 2011

Taalgenoot –  someruitgawe 2011

Is jy finansieel intelligent?

Dit is tyd vir ’n nuwe ryding. Iets spoggerigs wat haar trots langs jou sal laat inklim en wat jou sal laat lyk of jy uiteindelik gearriveer het.

Daar is twee moontlikhede wat jou aanstaan: Een gaan jou, nadat jy jou ou model ingeruil het, R4 000 oor 24 maande uit die sak jaag en die ander een R4 500 oor 56 maande.

Die keuse is maklik, nommer twee kos net R500 per maand meer en die spogwaarde vergelyk nie eens met nommer een nie…

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Foschini Living Space

Mind over money

The mind is a powerful tool, particularly when it comes to your personal world of money. T Harv Eker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth (HarperCollins) believes there is a secret psychology to money. ‘Most people don’t know about it which is why most people never become financially successful. It is merely a symptom of what is going on inside you,’ he writes.

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To let

Living Space

Foschini Living Space

You want to rent out your home to help pay off the bond or make some extra cash, but you’re not sure where to start. You also know that not following the correct procedures can have serious repercussions. ‘Remember that as a property owner there are quite a few things you should know before you try to make your fortune as a landlord,’ says Yvonne Killian, owner of bond origination company SecuBond. ‘Renting out your property has the financial benefits of putting money in your pocket on a regular basis. But it can also have dire financial consequences if you’re not careful in protecting your investment.’ Here are a few tips to help you through the process.

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Sanlam Reality Magazine

Sanlam Reality Magazine

What kind of saver are you?

Do you hide, hoard or hope when it comes to saving? Helen Ueckermann decodes five different saving personalities – an explains how they can affect your financial wellbeing…

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Elan – Medihelp customer magazine

Debt monster alive and kicking


The debt monster is still alive and kicking in South Africa, despite the promulgation of the National Credit Act three years ago. This Act has not lived up to expectations and is currently being reviewed to give it more teeth. During the last three years, there has been much confusion among consumers and creditors about the procedures to be followed. The system was also abused by people who stopped paying their debts by hiding behind theAct’s provisions on debt restructuring. As a result, the legislation largely failed in its aim to lower people’s debt levels.

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Disneyland toe

‘N Droomvakansie na Disneyland. Jy kan al sien hoe jy en manlief hand in hand met jul twee opgewonde spruite in Orlando, Florida, deur Micky Muis, Sneeuwitjie en die sewe dwergies en die stoute Pluto vermaak word. Dit was die vakansie van ‘n leeftyd, vertel entoesiastiese vriende wat al daar was. Jy het al genoeg gehoor van die vier temaparke, twee waterparke, wonderlike temahotels en ‘n fantastiese sportkompleks. Méér as genoeg van die oormaat eetplekke en ontspanningsgeleenthede om die mond te laat water en jou vandag nog reisagent toe te laat haas om te bespreek. En dit is waar die knoop lê. Want, sal die reisagent jou na ‘n paar berekenings vinnig meedeel, teen Oktober vanjaar se pryse, sal dié geleentheid van ‘n leeftyd vir sewe nagte in Disneyland jou ‘n netjiese R55 000 uit die sak jaag. En teen die tyd dat jy oor ‘n jaar of 18 maande genoeg gespaar het om te kan gaan, sal jy nog 15% tot 20% moet byvoeg om voorsiening te maak vir prysstygings…

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‘n Loopbaan op ‘n passasierskip



Johannesburg. – Die lekkerste ding ooit, sê Casey Middleton van Durban, en kyk tevrede uit oor die golwe van die Atlantiese Oseaan.
Ons is aan boord van die MSC Sinfonia, iewers tussen Kaapstad en Walvisbaai. Die skip is Casey se tuiste, waar sy die afgelope paar maande werk as die hoof van die skip se Club Mini.
“Mense wat dit oorweeg om ’n loopbaan op ’n passasierskip te volg, moet weet dis die bemanning se hoofdoelwit om die passasiers gelukkig te maak en hulle te help om mooi herinneringe te skep.

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Getting a head start

getting a headstart

Foschini Living Space

You’re writing matric at the end of the year and then the world is yours for the taking. For many, that means studying further. By Helen Ueckermann

One of the common misconceptions aspiring students have is that a matric certificate is enough to open the doors of tertiary institutions. Not so. Tertiary institutions are unable to accommodate all those who apply, so they have to make use of certain procedures to select the most suitable candidates.

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Play to your strengths

Deciding what to to with the rest of your life can be daunting. What if it turns out you’re not cut out to be a heart surgeon after all, despite watching hours of Grey’s?

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Foschini Club Magazine

Foschini Club Magazine

Happy or hunting?

Job fulfilment can mean different things to different people, but if you’re spending 40 to 50 hours a week loathing what you do, it’s time to make a change. No matter whether you’re just starting out in a career or you are counting down the days till retirement, life’s too short to be miserable at work.

Foschini Club Magazine

Foschini Club Magazine


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Foschini Club Magazine

Conquer the office bully


Being victimised in the workplace is exhausting and degrading. Here’s how to put a stop to it.

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Skoolprogram kan jonge help met graad

Pasgegradueerdes wat nie werk kan kry nie, kan dalk vir ’n jaar of twee gaan klasgee om die ernstige tekort aan onderwysers wat Suid-Afrika ondervind die hoof te help bied.

Die Teach-program is op soek na top-gegradueerdes – Teach-ambassadeurs – van alle akademiese agtergronde en met ’n verskeidenheid hoofvakke wat bereid is om ’n bydrae te lewer deur vir minstens twee jaar onderrig te gee aan plattelandse en stedelike skole in voorheen benadeelde gemeenskappe.

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Survive that job interview Q&A


Foschini Club X

So you sent in your application, you waited for days by the phone and then you got the call inviting you for an interview. Cause for celebration certainly, but the process isn’t over yet. While you may be a finalist in the competition for the job, it’s how you ‘perform live’ that will convince the employer you’re who they are looking for.

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Foschini Club X

Foschini Club Magazine

 Untangle your timetable


Selecting subjects is one of the most crucial decisions a high-school student has to make. Whatever you choose will impact the rest of your life, as it will determine what you can study, which affects your future career. The sheer variety of subjects and different learning fields to choose from can be quite overwhelming for a young person, according to Alba Delport, editor and publisher of the Ultimate Career Guide.

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10 Strategieë om ‘n Topsakevrou te Word

Dit is Vrouemaand en praatjies oor die bemagtiging van vroue, die skep van geleenthede vir vroue en hoe ongeregtighede van die verlede reggestel kan word, word oral gehoor.

“Almal wil graag suksesvol wees, maar min mense besef dat dit nie net ‘n gelukspel is nie. Almal kan leer hoe om sukses te behaal en een van die doeltreffendste maniere om dit te doen, is om te kyk na wat ander mense suksesvol gemaak het en dan hul voorbeeld te volg,” sê me. Lisel Erasmus-Kritzinger, koördineerder van die mentorskapprojek 1001 Women Project – National Modern Mentoring Challenge .

Sy is ook skrywer en samesteller van die boek Inspirerende vroue aan die werk .

Erasmus-Kritzinger het deur gereelde kontak met 52 van Suid-Afrika se suksesvolste vroue tien strategieë geï dentifiseer wat van hulle toppresteerders gemaak het in hul loopbane en gesinslewe.

“Dit is vroue wat weet hoe om van struikelblokke uitdagings te maak,” sê sy.

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Jou werk en jou regte

Duisende matrikulante en gegradueerdes, sertifikaat in die hand, gaan in die volgende paar weke aan werkgewers se deure klop. Die speelveld is uiters mededingend en werkaanbiedings is beperk – maar vir diegene met die regte ingesteldheid is daar verskeie opsies.

’n Mens kan werksoekery met ’n rugbywedstryd vergelyk, sê André Venter, hoof van strategiese beplanning van die vakbond Uasa. “As jy hoop om in die Superreeks of die Curriebeker te speel, het jy die regte vaardighede en genoeg oefening nodig. Maar as jy dit nie het nie, en ook nie die regte geestelike ingesteldheid nie, kan jy nie speel nie.”

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On the hunt: How to get that job!

Graduating from school or varsity is seriously exciting. It marks the end of student life and your first step into the real world, where you’re in charge of your own future. ‘But as the excitement grows, so too does the realisation that you need to make a decision about what you’ll do when your studies come to an end,’ says André Venter, spokesperson of trade union United Association of South Africa. ‘Considering your options is a serious matter and decisions should not be taken lightly. The choices you make at this point will have an impact on the rest of your life.’

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Bag a new look


Whether you are on a business trip or just on your way to the office, stay stylish and safe with our selection of laptop bags that are good to have or good to reat as gifts – and will suit your pocket, too.

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 Make food diaries a healthy habit

Whether you are working towards fewer kilograms or simply want to eat a bit more healthily, there is nothing more effective than recording your eating habits. Keeping a food diary of what you eat and at what times may sound like a lot of extra work for a busy person, but that is often exactly the problem.

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O, die Engelse platteland…

Daar is net iets aan die gemaklike saamwoon van oud en nuut, modern en oeroud wat my geweldig aanstaan. Dalk is dit hoekom ek so ’n sagte plekkie vir die Engelse platteland het.
By ’n onlangse besoek aan Buckinghamshire, en spesifiek die klein dorpies Newport Pagnell en Olney, het dit my weer getref hoe die verlede en die hede amper naatloos saam bestaan.
Op die laaste lekker sonskyndag voor nog ’n sarsie onvermydelike reën wandel ek deur Newport Pagnell se Lovat Meadows – “graslande” of “weivelde” roep nou maar eenmaal nie die regte prentjie op nie – vol goudgeel botter- en perdeblomme, al langs die Great Ouse-rivier tot by die Tickford-brug wat uit 1810 dateer. Wat die brug besonders maak, is dat dit die enigste ysterbrug in Brittanje is wat steeds daagliks verkeer dra, en ook die oudste ysterbrug ter wêreld wat nog in gebruik is.

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Waar die kranse antwoord gee



Sowat vier uur se ry van Johannesburg af lê Champagne Valley in die sentrale deel van die Drakensberge, ideaal vir ’n wegbreekkans vir die hele gesin. Wie het gesê die Drakensberge is net geskik vir rus en niksdoen? As jy op soek is na aksie vir ma, pa en kroos teen sakpaspryse, ry sommer al Donderdag sodat jy jou langnaweek kan volpak voor jy teen Sondagmiddag moet terug huis toe.

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MSC Sinfonia

Cruising on the MSC Sinfonia: Total bliss from Durban to Cape Town   

“I am on a ski holiday,” announced my fellow passenger, an elderly Durban gentleman, balancing his walking stick between his knees.

Ski holiday, I repeated incredulously; we are on an ocean liner, after all…

Yes, he grinned, Spend the Kid’s Inheritance. He laughed a merry laugh while his sixty something girlfriend of 16 years offered a happy smile.

So, this is what my ocean cruise is going to be, I wondered. Filled with funny geriatrics sunning themselves on decks?

I am all for peace and quiet, but maybe not quite on their level, I mused, squinting out over the ocean swells.

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Cruise control



We can’t expect a huge cruise ship not to have a carbon footprint, but we should expect cruising companies to do their utmost to protect our environment.

The MSC Divina caused quite a commotion when it docked in the delicate marine area that makes up the Venice lagoon in June this year. The 133 500 tonne mega cruiser – dubbed a “monster ship” by protesters in the ancient world heritage site – was the biggest cruiser ever to dock off St. Mark’s Square, looming over the old buildings and canals.

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Neuhavn in Copenhagen

Neuhavn in Copenhagen

G’n wonder dié stad wen vir gehalte van lewe

Wat op aarde doen die Dene se Klein Meermin in China as ek kom kuier?
Kan jy aan ’n groter teleurstelling dink as ’n stuk verlate seewater in die Kopenhaagse hawe waar jy gehoop het om dié beroemde beeldjie aan te tref – al turende oor die water terwyl sy hartseer terugdink aan haar jeug as ’n seebewoner nadat haar prins nooit met haar getrou het nie?
Ek is lekker suur en koop geroosterde amandels in ’n papier-tuitsakkie om myself te troos.

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Lovely Lyon

 A taste of Lyon

Lyon is the third-largest city in France – after Paris and Marseilles – and has earned its reputation as the culinary capital of Europe. Restaurants abound, varying from the celebrated chef Paul Bocuse’s luxury restaurant l’Auberge du Pont de Collonges to the humble bouchons, equally popular with tourists and the local population.

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MSC Sinfonia

Cruising with the kids

I have just returned from another blissful trip on the MSC Sinfonia, this time a four-night cruise from South Africa’s beautiful mother city, Cape Town, to tiny Walvis Bay in Namibia.

On this trip, I decided to have a specific look at why cruising makes for such an excellent family holiday.

Of course, it is great value for money for mom and dad, with children under-18 who share your cabin coming along at no extra cost, all food and beverages like coffee, tea and limited alcoholic drinks at dinner included, free entertainment, all making for a relaxing holiday for the entire family.

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Land of thirst

Early morning: It is icy cold and silent. My feet are planted in the dust. Miles of boundless semi-desert stretch ahead. Steam emanates from a mug of hot chocolate. Nothing moves on the never-ending plains of the Camdeboo in the Great Karoo.

It is an ancient land of thirst with more than 9 000 species of plants and the largest variety of succulents found anywhere on earth. Rock paintings reflect past Khoi-San tribes and fossils date back some 250 million years.

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Escape to Samara



It is icy cold and deadly silent. Feet firmly planted in the dust, miles of boundless semi-desert stretching ahead, steam rising from a much-appreciated mug of hot chocolate.

It is early morning in Southern Africa. Nothing moves on the broad, never-ending plains of Camdeboo in the Great Karoo. It is an ancient land with more than 9000 species of plants and with the largest variety of succulents found anywhere on earth. Home to rock paintings reflecting the past presence of Khoi-San tribes and fossils dating back some 250 million years.

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Ship Ahoy

Passenger ships have grown popular as the ultimate getaway from the rat race and related stresses. Here’s the secret – once on the ship, you can go nowhere. Internet connection is limited and you are effectively cut off from deadlines, clients, pressing assignments.

I found myself lounging on a deck chair on the MSC Sinfonia en route to Cape Town, all rat race related stress left behind in Durban’s busy harbour. Just being in the moment, floating on the wide ocean and letting it all go. What a luxury.

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Human interest


Alzheimer: koste knel familie

Alzheimer se siekte kan ’n gesin se lewenstyl handomkeer verander.

Benewens die emosionele en fisieke uitdaging vir gesinslede van die Alzheimer-lyer word finansiële druk vir die meeste mense ’n struikelblok.

Lidmaatskap van ’n mediese fonds maak dit geensins makliker nie.

As Alzheimer se siekte by jou of iemand na aan jou gediagnoseer word, vergeet maar van hulp van jou mediese fonds, lui die webwerf van Alzheimer’s in Action. Dít is die realiteit in Suid-Afrika.

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Gesinsplan vir die pad vorentoe

Die toekoms van jou, jou eks en jul kinders is selde vanself suksesvol, sê Conrad Kotze van Conrad Kotze Mediations.

“Gesinne wat uitmekaarspat as gevolg van egskeiding en nuwe, saamgestelde gesinne met ‘jou, my en ons’ kinders het ’n gesinsplan nodig om die pad vorentoe uit te stippel,” sê hy.

“Dieselfde geld gesinne waar die ouers nooit getroud was nie, asook tradisionele huwelike, wat onder die tradisionele reg val en nie by die departement van binnelandse sake geregistreer is nie. Vir laasgenoemde geld ’n ander stel reëls en vanweë die manier waarop sulke huwelike aangegaan word, is daar meestal nie toegang tot die reg in die geval van dispute nie.

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Generasie Jong SA

Kenners glo vandag se jongmense is die produk van ’n nuwe Suid-Afrika met sy liberale grondwet en groter toegang tot internasionale neigings. Hoe lyk en dink hierdie nuwe generasie Afrikaners en wat is vir hulle belangrik?

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Verlange uit die verte

Dit lyk soms of die gras aan die anderkant van die draad groener is. Maar gesinne en families wat in die buiteland woon en werk, sal nie noodwendig saamstem hiermee nie. Soms eis dié leefstyl sy tol. HELEN UECKERMANN het gaan ondersoek instel.

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Diets: this mirror has two faces

egend has it that the English kingWilliam the Conqueror in 1087 had trouble staying on his horse because he was too heavy. It is said that the frustrated king took to his bed and refused to eat another bite. Instead of food, he only drank alcohol in order to get rid of the excess weight. If this story is true, it is possibly the very first recording of someone who adapted his food intake in order to reduce weight.Today, many people will be able to identify with this erstwhile king’s struggle.They try every syrup and shake – without being aware of the hidden dangers of these products – and most often without any sustainable results.

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Die avontuurgids van Suid-Afrika

Ek het al gillend en uitasem van vrees blitsig tussen boomtoppe aan staalkabels gegly (hoogtevrees), kilometers ver te voet al langs die strande van Mosambiek getrek (daar was blase) en die Oranjerivier se witwater aangedurf in ‘n rubberboot (jirrrrlik!). O ja, en ek het ‘n slag gebrugswaai (een keer was voldoende).

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Opinion pieces

Freelancing and that important work-play balance

Freelancing is king in my life and I would never-ever want to change that. The best choice I ever made was to close the door on employers and start my own micro business from my dining room table.

I could write reams about the positives of my chosen lifestyle and career. The truth is that there are negatives that can hit you hard when you least expect it – as negatives tend to do.

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In praise of the freelance lifestyle and a support structurefreelanceee

The life of a freelancer can be lonely and rather isolated. We often work from home offices and spend long hours working on our laptops.

Although most of us prefer that kind of lifestyle and working environment, we also need company and support from time to time.

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The PR struggle

I am in the good position that I get my clients’ opinions published regularly, but certainly not always and every time. The secret lies in “client training” and having a good knowledge of how the news media works, says Helen Ueckermann.

As a freelance media liaison consultant one has one great advantage: if you see you are not going to win the battle with your client, you can ditch them.

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